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The Office Cleaning Checklist

Office Cleaning & Decluttering Checklist

One of the most apparent reasons to maintain a clean and clutter-free office is to keep your employees and clients safe. Calgary Junk Removal services from All In Junk can help to keep a Clean office building and reduce the risk of germ build-up which is a serious detriment to the health of your employees. Moreover,  cluttered office buildings can pose a risk to the safety of your employees. Scattered materials and piles of paper can trip employees and cause serious accidents and injuries.

All in Junk Calgary is here to help you keep your office building clean and free of junk. Here are a few steps on how to maintain a clean and clutter-free office:

  1. Emptying

The first thing you need to do before you start cleaning is to empty all the shelves, drawers, and tables. It is best to start from scratch. You need to place your stuff on the floor or a container for sorting. After you cleared the shelves, tables, and drawers, you can start wiping the dirt and stain of your workspace.

  1. Assessing

After you clean the desktops and shelves, it is time for you to assess the office materials and personal stuff you stored on your shelves and drawers. This might seem like laborious work, but you might be surprised how much waste you have in store in your drawers and shelves.

While assessing and sorting, make sure to provide three separate containers labeled “keep”, “archive”, “junk”. Keep is reserved for the materials you need to perform your everyday work. Archive stores important documents and information that must be kept but doesn’t need to be displayed every day. Lastly, a junk box is for those materials that need disposal.

  1. Organizing

After you have sorted your office materials, you can start reorganizing them in your work area. Make sure to place the “Keep” items within your reach. You can start using shelf and drawer organizers that can stop your things from being disheveled and scattered.

  1. Cleaning

After organizing the workspace, make sure to check the office kitchen and throw away food wrappers, unwanted food, expired food, and other kitchen paraphernalia which are no longer needed. Clean the appliances and utensils where molds can build up. It is obligatory to clean the restrooms and to empty garbage cans.  

  1. Sanitizing

Make sure to sanitize all areas in your office especially the toilet, bathroom floors, kitchen countertops, office workspace desktops, chairs and cushions, walls, lavatories, and office materials and appliances.  This helps to keep your office from building up molds and germs that are harmful to your employees’ health and safety.

  1. Disposing

After your office cleaning and decluttering, it is best to hire junk removal services to help you dispose of all the junk you accumulated during the cleaning process.

All in Junk has been servicing clients in Calgary in helping them to dispose of their estate and office junk. If you need professional help with your junk removal problem, All in Junk will be more than willing to help you.